An Update of Uncertainty to Unveil the Truth about Love

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

– Maya Angelou

Since my previous post, the amount of love that has come from so many, far and wide, has been a testament to the true power of community. You have raised us up, broken and defeated, and filled us with HOPE.

My parents and I have been overwhelmed with peace as a constant influx of positive energy has been surrounding us over the past few days in preparation for Luke’s surgery. Your prayers have allowed us to surrender to what will be and trust in what is. That being said, when news came today that Luke’s surgery would have to be postponed due to an outbreak of influenza at the hospital, my first thought was: “No, that’s not fair!”

We finally felt ready and in control of the situation, feeling like we could take it head on. Then all of a sudden, we were humbled by how empty our preparedness actually was. We were reminded that the very essence of trust should not be based on our ability to feel in control of the situation, but rather is about our being able to surrender to the Universe, God’s very own intention for us.

There is so much we can never know about the future, about others, or even about ourselves. However, I can trust that where there is love, there is hope. For the love you have all shown us knows no bounds, and it has made itself real through the unwavering hope that we are leaning on through the uncertainty.

We don’t know what date Luke’s surgery will be. My parents will be waiting on call for days or even weeks and in the meantime Luke must continue to live through the pain. Nevertheless, we trust in what is and we have HOPE in what will be.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank-you for your continued thoughts, prayers and intentions of love and healing for Luke.


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